My name is Olivier Boulbain.
I am a Digital Producer at Host/Havas, Sydney.

I have been working in advertising and digital agencies for more than four years. I love being in a creative environment, working alongside talented people to deliver innovative solutions.
I collaborated with internal and external teams to produce marketing and social media campaigns, CMS integrations, web builds and a mobile application.

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I've had the chance to take part in creative campaigns as well as technical digital works.
I delivered projects for international clients, managing budgets over $250,000.

I worked for 4 companies in 3 different countries.


Digital Producer

Jan. 2015 - Current (4 years)

I joined the digital production team two months after arriving in Australia.
As part of the team working on the Australian Defense Force, I spent a year migrating content from a semi-static website to a new Sitecore platform. We migrated more than 150 pages, building new components along the way.

I also produced the digital elements for Army’s largest brand campaign. During three months, a team of 12 members conceived, designed and developed a responsive virtual reality platform and a landing section of 10 pages on DefenceJobs. We later integrated the web pages in Sitecore’s CMS. I am now maintaining their mobile application to help candidates pass their fitness test.

In 2018, our work got rewarded by a Grand Effie.

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Junior Digital Producer

Jan. 2014 - Jun. 2014

After obtaining my master's in webmarketing, I worked for a Parisian digital agency.

I joined a team of six to assist the senior producers deliver website builds. I was excited to discover the basics of digital production, my first late nights, and work parties. My time there was short but I had the opportunity to learn plenty.

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I made my first steps into advertising as a creative intern in a small agency in Pune, India. For six months I tried decipher briefs in a language I could not speak but I managed to deliver work that clients approved.

And before that, I poured cocktails in a hotel in Spain, sold shoes and wine in my hometown, Saint-Brieuc, and stocked bottles on palettes in a milk factory.



Master's in webmarketing

Sep. 2009 - Dec. 2014 (5 years)

I studied in a French business school where I learned about management, economics, law and finance. I spent six months in Finland specializing in marketing and I graduated with a Master’s in webmarketing. During my last year, I wrote a thesis on the influence of webdesign on online sales.

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If you would like to get in touch, please drop me a message on LinkedIn.